Solar Hot Water

Australia is the sunny country. Heat your hot water for free with the sun. Available in gas boosted or electric boosted.

Grid Connected PV Solar

Get your power back! Installing Solar PV panels is the one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Grid Connected Solar PV with Storage

Power security is important in these uncertain times, PV with storage makes “Cents” and saves you ”dollars”

Amanda Rups

Fantastic service from Troy and the guys backed by the perfect design by Peter Mills. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Sue Ling

Fabulous team at bowral tempco! Peter Mills we are so grateful for your expertise knowledge professionalism and kindness. Thanks Peter and team.


Congratulations to Peter and his staff in the showroom in Bowral for their fantastic service and promptness when Quoting also to Troy and his team

Geoff Manning

Peter Mills and his whole team , from the showroom staff, the installation staff and engineering staff are as good as it gets.