Ducted Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning provides you with climate control throughout your whole home or your business. Using a combination of flexible and sheet metal ductwork we distribute conditioned air to each designated room from a concealed fan coil unit. An outdoor unit is required and is connected to the indoor fan coil unit via control wiring and refrigerant piping that is required to provide heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor units.

Various thermostatic and zoning options can be tailor made to fulfil each individual homes requirements.

Extremely important is that a correct heatload analysis is carried out to ensure that the correct unit is selected making certain that the system is energy efficient.

Where the budget allows, whole house ducted air conditioning is the way to go. The whole house or commercial premises can be air conditioned to maintain comfort conditions throughout all seasons.

The house can be zoned into different areas and different temperatures using systems such as My AirTM so that only areas that are being occupied need be air conditioned thus making it very efficient and flexible to use.

With a ducted system it is possible to air condition the smallest house to the largest house.

Major features of the ducted system are even temperature control, very quiet operation, aesthetically pleasing look, large range of systems available and most importantly added value to your house.

Split System Air Conditioning

Inverter split system air conditioners are a simple yet affordable way to air condition.

Multi Room Split Air Conditioning

Multi Spilt systems allow a whole of house system run from a single outdoor unit.

Evaporative Cooling systems

Brivis Evaporative Cooling systems comprise a central cooling unit connected to a series of outlets.