How Gas Ducted Heating Works

Brivis and Rinnai Ducted gas heating systems are used extensively in the southern highlands to heat up homes. These highly efficient systems are able to instantly heat up a room, regardless of how low the temperature outside dips. Fast and efficient doesn’t mean you sacrifice comfort or ease of use, ducted heating just works, and is a value added asset to any home.

Gas ducted heating system components

Ducted gas heating systems take in the cool/cold air from your rooms and heat the air up via a smart gas furnace and ducted return system. The heated the air is then pumped into various zones/rooms throughout the house. Ducted heating systems components include a: Core central heating unit, a thermostat for controlling the temperature, zone motors, grilles, return air vents for bringing air back up to the heater, and insulated ductwork for transporting heated air into the rooms. This is a complex system and needs to be designed carefully with experience and thought If one or more of these components is missing, undersized or incorrectly placed the ducted heating system won’t function as intended. Tempco Energy Solutions has that sorted. Our engineers will construct a heat load map of your home and custom design the system to your needs.

How gas ducted heating systems work

Unlike other heating systems, ducted gas heating allows you to use a single heating unit to heat up the complete house. Usually, the gas furnace is installed outside the house or in the ceiling roof space, and it is connected to different rooms using a duct networks. The duct network ends with outlets either in the floors or in the ceilings of the rooms to be heated.

The air is drawn in through a return air filter by a high velocity variable fan and heated in the ducted gas central heating unit using a natural gas or LPG gas furnace. The heated air is then transferred to a network of insulated ductwork which is heavily insulated to reduce heat loss, heating up the room/s. The air in the room circulates and heats up all the hard and soft furnishings and is finally collected back into a return air grille, and it is recirculated back to the heater through the vents. The air is reheated before being pushed back again into the room. This ensures that the temperature in the room remains unaffected by outside temperatures. But more importantly as the heated air is returned to the furnace it requires less and less energy to heat, the furnace will modulate based on the temperature of the returned air and use much less gas on each cycle.

Gas ducted heating advantages

Ducted gas heating systems allow you the flexibility to heat a specific room in the house or to set different temperatures for different rooms or zones. Ducted gas heating systems are also highly energy efficient. They use natural gas or LPG gas rather than electricity to heat your home, which can reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. With a ducted gas heating system, you can enjoy staying in a warm and cosy home during a cold winter’s night without worrying about getting a massive electricity bill.

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  • ZonePlus™ compatible (StarPro heaters only)
  • Advanced control options
  • Australian designed, locally made for more than 50 years
  • Brivis ICE™ Add-On refrigerated cooling system
  • Electronic ignition and integrated diagnostics
  • Duct work installation flexibility (under floor or in roof space)
  • Heating and cooling from the one controller


Complete comfort control, Introducing Brivis Zoning Solutions*


For outstanding individual comfort, control and energy management, ZonePlus™ allows you to have up to four individually controlled zones, each with their own time and temperature settings.**

For total flexibility, you can upgrade as many Brivis Temperature Sensors to Brivis NC6 or Touch controllers allowing you to fully control, program and manage each zone – eliminating the need for you to go back to a Master controller. Adjust temperatures for each zone as it suits you from any controller in the home. Perfect comfort, absolute control. ZonePlus™ works in unison with any Brivis StarPro Ducted Gas Heater with 4, 5 and 6 star efficiencies.

Adaptive Zoning

Allows heating or cooling to be used with one or more Brivis controllers, operating a common zone, as well as up to four additional zones, e.g. lounge room, bedrooms, kitchen/dining etc. A Brivis NC6 or Touch can simply turn zones on or off to manage only those areas you are using.

Benefits of ZonePlus™

Reduce your energy costs Switching off unused zones not only helps reach your set temperature faster, but will also save you lots on your energy bill. Adjusting your comfort levels moderately can also make big changes to your energy bill.

Get more comfortable quicker with the option of Brivis controllers in every zone, you no longer need to rely on one central controller managing your entire home. Controlling your climate is only ever a few steps away. How convenient is that?