5 benefits of Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar water heaters seem  to be the new black in terms of energy, more and more people in Australia are starting to install them in their houses or buildings, if you are not part of this trend yet, you may not know the benefits of it.

Here at Tempco Energy Solutions, solar water heating systems are one of our specialities, let us tell you 5 benefits that this product  could bring to your life:


  • Solar energy is and always will be free

As you can imagine, solar water heaters are powered by the sun, and this is a great advantage. Although oil prices have been going down for quite some time in the international markets, it’s only a matter of time until they start rising again, also your gas bills are also rising.

But solar energy doesn’t have an international price, it’s completely free and it will always be free, this means you will be able to save a lot of money on your energy bills, because you will only ever pay once for a solar water heater when you buy it and install it in your house (and occasionally for repair and maintenance).

  • They don’t use as much space as you would imagine.

When people talk about solar energy, you probably imagine a roof full of solar panels, but solar water heaters don’t use as much space as the solar panels that are used for generating electricity, and they are much better looking.

Hands on cut out house diagram

  •  Energy efficiency.

A solar water heating system is extremely efficient, approximately 80% of the solar energy received is turned into heating energy, and this means you will always have hot water at your disposal.


  • They work in cloudy weather 

Some people say this kind of technology is completely useless during cloudy or rainy days, but that’s a myth, of course they do their best work when they have abundant sunlight, but during cloudy days they keep heating water, and some systems  even include a special water reservoir, that will guarantee you will have hot water even in overcast days.


  • You will save tremendous amounts of money

As you can imagine, this is the main benefit of solar hot water systems, after you have installed it, your energy bill will decrease dramatically, saving you a lot of money during the year.

If you still have some doubts or questions about solar hot water systems, give us a call and one of our specialists will get in touch with you!

The history of solar cell

Science is only getting to know the true potential of solar energy, more and more industries and homes from all around the globe are starting to use it to generate the electricity they need, but this is a revolution that is just getting started, and right know we can’t even imagine how far solar energy will reach in the following decades.

However Solar Energy has come a long way to get where we are, and its history started a long time ago…

The first to use sunlight in a way that can be compared to solar energy were the Greeks and the Romans, they designed their houses to utilise sunlight as much as they could during the day, and this is a great piece of evidence that since the dawn of civilization, humanity has tried to use the power of the sun.

The first known discovery of solar energy relating to electricity was in 1839, when a French Physicist called Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect of an electrode that was exposed to light, in the upcoming years, other scientist also discovered this same effect using different kinds of elements, but the first real attempt to generate electricity took place in 1878, when another Frenchman  called Augustin Mouchot created a solar power generator, that was displayed at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, however Mouchots invention had less than a 1% efficiency so it couldn’t be use for powering any kind of machine.

Edmond_Becquerel_by_NadarIn 1888, a Russian scientist created the first known solar cell that was based on the photovoltaic effect, and the words “solar cell” started to be patented by several scientists in different countries.

Since then, several scientists, including Albert Einstein studied the photovoltaic effect and its possibly uses to generate electricity, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the technology reached the point where it could start powering appliances, the first practical use for solar cells was made by the company Bell Labs, that created solar cells for space activities (specially powering up the firsts satellites).

satellite-350That same company announced in 1954 the creation of the first practical silicon solar cells, that same year the New York Times forecasted solar energy was going to be an infinite source of power for mankind. Yet solar still had a long way to go since those times,  the existing solar cells only had an efficiency of 15%, making them useless to power  most  appliances and machines.

The solar cell technology continued to be developed in the upcoming decades, in 1978 a great breakthrough was made when the first solar powered calculators were launched, many say that was the first time solar powered electricity was available to the general public.

solar-powered-lamp-post_m19rBE-1Since then solar energy and solar cells started conquering more and more territory, many governments started using them for powering up state buildings, the solar cells started to be used to power up houses in remote locations, and even some industries started using them for their factories.

Just a few months ago, the University of New South Wales established a new world record, for unfocused sunlight conversion to electricity with an efficiency increase to 34.5%.

Solar cells have come a long way, and they sure have a long way to go until solar energy is available for all of us. Here at Tempco Energy Solutions we take a lot of pride in being a part of this history, and for making solar energy available for a lot of people in our district.

The secrets of Solar Energy


It’s known, Solar Energy might be the energy source of the future, while other sources like coal or water are starting to show their limitations, the uses of solar energy is barely starting in the developed world.

And as it does, thousands and thousands of companies around the world are investing a lot of money to discover how solar energy works, and what kinds of applications it can have in their industries.

Not so many people know the secrets behind this infinite source of power, but you are lucky, here at Tempco we know all the juicy solar energy facts, and we will share some of them with you.

Solar energy is a renewable source of power, and it can be used for a lot of things, like heating houses and water, powering cars and appliances, or even to charge your mobile phone.

The source of all that is in the sky, the energy that is generated by the sun travels 93,000,000 miles to reach us, and it only takes 8 minutes, take that Usain Bolt!

But of all the energy that reaches the surface of our planet, we only harvest 0.01% of it, so we are barely scratching the surface of all its power, that’s why so many governments and companies from all over the world are investing a lot of money in research and development, to find new ways of using solar energy.

At the moment, the more isolated regions of the world are the ones that are taking more advantage from solar energy, the technology is letting them harvest their own electricity, but when it comes to urban centres, the uses of solar energy is not being used to its full potential, if the people living in big cities were using solar generated electricity, some economist say that savings could exceed more than $30,000 dollars every year.

Believe it or not, solar energy is not a new thing in human history, the Greek and the Romans were the ones to use it first, by designing their homes and buildings in ways that would allow them to be heated by sunlight, and some centuries after that, Leonardo Da Vinci predicted that solar energy was going to be the key for future industrialization.

But not all the application of solar energy is related to electricity, new discoveries are being made right now about the possibility of using sunlight for purifying contaminated water, some historians say Persian alchemists did this in the 1500s, and if those discoveries are implemented, solar energy could be the key for ending the water deficits of many desert regions of the world.


Solar energy also plays a very big part in agriculture, we all know that plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, that’s why scientist are conducting research to create new ways to feed crops with the sun, raising the farms production.

Here, the solar energy in Australia is also making some huge steps; more and more people from all the regions of the country are starting to use solar water heaters in their houses, saving a lot of money in the process.

If you still haven’t decide to use this technology, give us a call and a Tempco Energy Solutions specialist will get in touch with you!.

Solar Hot Water Systems, are they worth it?

Back close-up shot of a woman looking in the distance hiding from the sun with a hand

We live in a changing world. No more than a hundred years ago, our great grandfathers and grandfathers used coal for heating their houses and food, and a hot shower was a luxury only a few people could afford.

Today, most of the people in Australia heat their shower water using gas heating, what was a luxury before, today is something within the reach of almost everyone, and yet, there are more changes coming to our lives – some of them we can’t even imagine.

One of those changes is the use of solar energy, and here in Australia a trending technology is the solar hot water system.

What is a solar hot water system?  It is a technology that harvests the power of the sun for heating the water in your house. This new innovation is proving to be a great replacement of gas heating, and thousands of people in our country and around the world are starting to use it.

The system is actually pretty simple, some sun collectors are installed on your roof. During the day the collectors heat a non-toxic antifreeze mix that triggers the activation of a pump and this pump moves solar-heated mix from the roof down into the heat exchanger that indirectly heats the water supply of your house. This system works during the day as long as there is heat on the roof.

The solar hot water system kit also includes special backup equipment that will provide you with hot water even during cloudy days or during the night. The system is also designed to work during cold winters and they include an overheat protection that will avoid any problem during hot summers.

As we’ve said before, this system is being used increasingly in several parts of our country, especially in remote regions where gas heating is very expensive or not available at all. But you don’t need to live in those kinds of regions to use this technology. In fact it’s available for everyone.


If you use large amounts of hot water or if your family is a large one (four or more members), the solar hot water system cost will have a fast return on investment. You will see in no time how much money you save with a solar water heater.

Here at Tempco Energy Solutions we believe that this innovation should be available for everyone, so you just need to contact us and one of our specialists will get in touch with you to see if you are viable candidate for this technology, and they will inform you on everything you need to know about costs and how the system works.

If you think you are spending a lot of money on gas heating give us a call and you will start saving costs very soon!.